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Hello To Everyone!

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Hello to everyone! I am really happy to have found this forum! I have already perused some of the posting, and I don't feel so alone in this new venture any longer. :)

My company is Naugh-T Notions. We tell 'em how YOU really feel. :)
Naugh-T Notions

I currently use CafePress as my printing company (Naugh-T Notions). I have an illness that prevents me from leaving the house regularly, so when I started this company in February, I knew I wanted to be online only...at least for now. :) That is still a work in progress, and I am willing to learn whatever I can to make this work. I also am very happy to receive constructive criticism on my designs or any other aspect of the business. Any little bit helps.

I look forward to talking with all of you. :D
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