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Hi everyone! Just a quick introduction. My name is Dora and I live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.
I am 53 years old and have change not just jobs but careers a few times. LOL.
I had my own hand knitwear label in the eighties, worked in the fashion industry for most of my working life both male and womens designer wear. After kids I went back to what I trained for at college and got back into teaching specializing in Special Education.

I, now, want to get back into the creatives so I can get back in touch with my true self! It is where I am the happiest. :)

I am very interested in the T-shirt business and am amazed with the wealth of information there is to be found in this forum. BUT, the more I am learning the more I realize that I need to learn! :confused:

For now, I will be learning and reading as much as I can!

I hope to get to know all the regulars and looking forward to one day contributing to the forums and not just leeching!

Thanks to all. Your sharing is valued.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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