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. hello t-shirtforums!

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. hello, i'm james and have recently been preparing to start a small silk screen print business catering to local bands/designers and other opportunities that come aroud. i'll be focusing on goth/electronic/industrial styles to start; primarily white on black shirts to start.

. i've spec'd out the equipment i want and am now looking for distributors for heavyweight cotton tees (sadly my favorite company, Pluma, went out of business) and recommendations for the best white plastisol ink. suggestions (or a link to this question already being asked? :) )

. i look forward to meeting other enthusiasts and learning a lot from these forums!
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hi james, welcome to the t-shirt fo---- oh, wait. Jasonda already said that. (J! dude... that's what i was gonna say. just kidding.)

glad you're here. really. if you've not realised it yet, this place is rather amazing. whatever you wanna know, it's somewhere already in a thread somewhere. and if ya can't find it, or wanna ask about something anyways? you're in the right place. take advantage, friend.
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