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Hello T-Shirt printers of the world

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Just wanted to say hello and thank you for posting very informative information. Look forward to sharing my experiences. I am very computer and tech oriented and come from a Military/Logistics/Government contracting background with hobbies in Graphic Design, web design and social media, Art,design & Architecture in general and find new interest everyday. I am intent upon starting a Business Sign&T-shirt Printing/Fabrication business under one roof. Its a very ambitious undertaking, however one step at a time I will try to get it started. Business plans in place, capital is in place, web development is underway, Quickbooks organized, supplier list organized. Now just need to feed my brain knowledge and find the right equipment. Hope all of you are doing well! :rolleyes:
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Hooah, welcome to TSF. read lots, there is a ton of info available.
Sounds like a good plan Mr Mike, as you can tell there is an endless supply of relevant info here on tsf. Good luck in your endevor.

Welcome to TSF
Enjoy your stay.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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