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Hello T-shirt Gang!

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Hello Gang, It's great to be here along with all the powerfull knowledge!. I am a graphite pencil artist and live in the very snowy and cold part of Northern Michigan. I have been taking Online classes from abobe, and learning illustrator and photoshop CS3. The reason? I purchased the adobe web premium suite CS3 a while back and am now just starting to use it. I aso purchased a new middle size heat press and some blank t-shirts to practice on.

I still have lots to learn on the computer in between drawings. I am just starting to scan some of my hand drawn hotrods into the computer for t-shirts, but that is not all i am drawing. I am drawing some very unique suff to put on t-shirts and will be posting some pictures of them on the forum further down the road. Anyways, Talk to everyone soon, got to go sharpen my Pencil again and get Busy!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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