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Nice to meet y'all. Can we get down to business?

I am not a screen printer, I am a seamstress, but I need to make labels for my stuff and I am thinking screen printing is the way to go.

I have a question for any experts out there:

I want to screen print some washable labels on 100% cotton woven, not knit, fabric with plastisol. Washability and longevity of the label is key!

Each label for each individual item to which it will be attached is different! I know, crazy, but necessary. Which is why I need to do this myself - too expensive to get a professional to do it.

A home iron on the highest setting will reach approx. 400 degrees.

If I screen print a small label, say up to 6"x6", and dry it to the touch with a heat gun (which I already have), do you think I can properly cure it with a home iron - actually 2 home irons placed to cover the entire print area?

If this is not possible, could those of you who are running printing businesses tell me if a screen printer would cure product for someone like me? Is that a thing???
Hi, I screen printed these labels, can I pay you to cure them for me?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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