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Hello! New here :)

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Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to be joining this forum, as I was just scouring through it for answers that I had questions for haha..
It seems like everyone here is extremely knowledgeable of the t-shirt/apparel printing industry, so I look forward to getting to know you guys and having you guys shower me with your knowledge ;)

A little about me:
* graduated '10 with a studio art degree, minor in digital arts (which meant a ****ty program that had absolutely nothing to do with graphic design, unfortunately)
* worked as a graphic designer for a wedding card company in pasadena for a year, decided it wasn't for me and left the job
* am currently exploring/trying to find what I want to do - which has led me to taking classes at Art Center College in Pasadena! I love to learn and take on challenges, but being unsure about what I want to do with my life is a major pain in the ***, and is quite annoying

I would like to say that I have an eye for graphic design, even though I have not received professional education for it... so I am quite comfortable admitting that I am very picky when it comes to categorizing apparel that is "poorly designed & manufactured" with apparel that is "made of higher quality materials, and designs that are 'in'".

I only just recently decided that I want to start an apparel company. Nothing big, just something small and simple (for now), as a side thing. Gotta put my art skillz to work somewhere right? lol. I still haven't settled on what I'll be doing just yet, but I know for a fact that they will be along the lines of mixing the styles of OBEY, RVCA, Wildfox Couture (for their cotton shirts and sweatshirts for the ladies) & any brands you would find on karmaloop.com or at the Attic (in Buena Park, CA). I know that's quite a large spectrum, but I'm still trying to figure it out and hone it down :p

I'll be posting all of my questions soon, so keep an eye out, and help me out! :D It'll be greeeatly appreciated!

xo T
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