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Hello! new gal from Chicago

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I have my logo and design......looking to jump in with both feet! The energy is good here. Hope the forum can help me avoid speed bumps.

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Welcome, new gal!

I hope you find all of the answers you're looking for here! :p
This is a freat site, the way to avoid scew up is to search then ask questions.

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This forum and the industry can be overwhelming when looking for information. Best advice is just take your time and make friends that are willing to share info. Not that this forum doesn't, it's just very busy
Hi New Gal^^ I'm also new to making T-Shirts. Now, all I have is a wacom pad with a printer that has scanning capabilities. I'm looking for ways to just print my designs onto T-Shirts...hopefully we could share some info in future.

Ah William i am green with envy you have wiacom pad. Can only dream of one of those. That big one that is on youtube is amazing.
I really want one but will have to wait..
welcome im from chicago too
this forum has helped me
even though i made a lot of errors(wasted money) before i found it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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