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Hi there,

My partner and I are currently finishing up our business plan...thought this will be a great place to get advice and get an idea of what others are doing in the industry.

We are both first time business owners.
With many years in the garment industry - one of us in the production/manufacturing area and the other coming from a sales background.

We are looking to create a brand of t-shirt that we can market towards large scale events and organizations: marathons, sports teams, music festivals, universities, etc.

During our research we've noticed that most often, t-shirts are purchased through wholesaler, then printed separately.

We'd like to offer a basics program of several: fits, fabric, print options...giving the customer the option to create and customize according to their needs.

We would offer t-shirts and printing, plus your customization all through one company in a few easy steps.

The recipes we've come up with are for fabrics one step above your regular jerseys. Ours are comparable to a James Perse, or Splendid quality tee, but at a much cheaper price.
A little pricier than a Bay Island, Gildan, Hanes, etc, but hoping our customers will be attracted to superior luxury fabrics.

A t-shirt that will quickly become your favourite and you will never want to take off!! In turn, providing marketing for our original booking customer.

Not sure where to post this, so apologies for the lengthy intro!!

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