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Hello! New comer~!

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Hello all T-Shirts lovers!
Hey guys, I come from Hong Kong. I was just wondering where can i discuss T-shirt thingy with people from different countries, oh my then i discovered this wondorful website!
Actually we are preparing to sell our self-designed T-shirts on ebay, later see if I can post some designs here to share with all you guys.
See you around!;)
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Welcome to the forums. I'm always interested in hearing from guys in other parts of the World. What good T-shirt brands are there in HK, what are all the young guys and girls wearing out there? Can't wait to see your designs I'm sure you will get some excellent feedback.
Welcome to the forum.. Do you get tees cheap in Hong Kong as I am sure there is production places there. MY son lived in Hong Kong for 3 years and loved it. he was finishing up his law degree there for final year at UV Santa Clara and stayed 2 more years.
In HK, some USA and Japanese brands(DC, Xlarge, Superlover, ZooYork, comme des garcons and a lot more) and local brands are younglings favourites. I dont know why but Bathing Ape tees are very popular these several years, but they are insanely expensive, maybe US$100-US$500.
Actually, the tees are not cheap in Hong Kong, as those gament factories tends to move to China these few years. You may get tees real cheap in China but the QC is indeed arguable.
badalou, may I ask which school did your son study in?

p.s. sorry for my bad english
This is my new store on ebay( http://stores.ebay.com/Al1plus )! Please feel free to shop around. Our t-shirts are gonna be theme-based. By chance if you wanna buy some without ebay account you may contact me via email.
We will also post some designs on gallery later on.
Thanks your time and enjoy!

p.s. there is a promotion shipping fee!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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