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... Erwin. I have signed up under the name color_guerrilla, a name inspired by a t-shirt design that Audience33 (.:: AUDIENCE33 ::., making good use of the fact that I can put links in this introduction post, hehe) made for my company Kounter-Fit ({Kounter-Fit}, beat them at their own game, oh yeah, another link, whaooo) last year.

And because this is an introduction of who I am and what I do please allow me to elaborate below.

Until recently I have been an employee at the Action Sports department at Nike Europe in Amsterdam. In an attempt to go beyond the general "green-washing" by companies I have founded Kounter-Fit and developed a business model that is based on the following mission statement: "using capitalist tactics to serve and protect nature's interests". In short it comes down to maximizing profits through our operations which are used for land reclamation projects in South-India. If capitalism provides the rules within we have to play then I play along in order to preserve and protect natural habitats.

For Kounter-Fit I chose the “t-shirt” as a canvas through which I like to express the companies philosophy. As many of you would agree, a t-shirt is not only the most universal garment, it gives people a means for expression, to show a little of their identity, what they find important and what they identify with.

The reason I joined this forum is because I am looking for a way to print t-shirts without having any printed t-shirts on stock. In my yes unsold stock is a form of overconsumption and I want to limit stock as much as possible. Now I read about plastisol screenprinting techniques for heat transfers on this forum and decided to join in order to learn more about this and to find out which company would be able to help me best in the “referral section”. Hopefully this will bring me closer to finding the perfect printing method for our t-shirts. Lastly I think this forum has a wealth of information and I am more than happy to contribute in the future.

Looking forward to interaction with all of you!
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