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Hi, I really enjoy reading TSF, it's like the best place where we can actually read and learn everyone's method, mistakes, life lesson learn, funny stuff and more!
I'm from Madison, Ohio & I am avid horse lover and trainer - love my job being outdoor and training horses...sometimes I DO NOT LIKE TO TRAIN HORSES only if they have been dangerous to handle but after that issue of being dangerous is "fixed" I enjoy riding and working that dangerous horse...that's the kind of a job I have to deal with almost every day. I got involved in vinyl signs and printing and now moving into embroidery and started to sell items last year after practicing and practicing. Let me tell you from my experiences of handling with business and money, after many years of training horses for customers - it is HARD to get paid. Life lesson learned - do not go cheap/under yourself, do not "feel sorry" for any customers..even a person that lost a mom or a horse or a friend! Do not say SORRY if people complain that your prices is too high - that other person told me it's like $2.00 less than what you charge...just say okay and smile keep your head up high and walk strong! :)
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