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Hello all. Just registered because I, at 30 years old have had career change #2. I started as a camera/studio operator for a television station 10 years ago, three years ago I started a position as an IT admin for a big tax company (the one with the green "block") and now I've become a screen printer. Its odd that all my past experience applies directly to screen printing.

I've been screen printing on a limited basis since high school, 12 years ago. A few shirts for the local bands, a poster here and there, just little orders. Now I'm working for the second largest printer in my area and having a blast.

For shameless self promotion you can see my art profile at Shane Martin - Graphic and Web Designer - Paducah, Kentucky

Now playing on Pandora: The Dropkick Murphys - Citizen C.I.A. via FoxyTunes
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