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Hello I'm from Pittsbugh but I'm new here!

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I hate being the noobie on some of these forums because people can be real close minded aholes and treat you like garbage because you dont have any posts ...So your a real big man tring to start some BS with me over the internet yeah your tough dude! ....

anyway This place is great it seems to have everything ...a wealth of great information I have been printing t-shirts for people for 8 years now i have a Harco 4 color 1 station and another harco that I moded to hold 30"x30" screens for some larger prints on t-shirts I mostly print white ink on black gildan g200 but try when i can to print on the beefy tees . I have done alot of contractors shirts too many , great for income but I think I'm ready to try the online store. I had alot of ideas but it seems the deeper I look into it, the deeper the rabbit hole goes. I'm sure i'll get there someday
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You're in the right place.

Nice to meet ya.
Sorry about the intro I had a rough time on another forum , this place seems alot more professional
I am from white oak.
Welcome aboard.
You have come to the right place.
There are some good people here.
White Oak! I used to work for Phil S. in Glassport about 8 years ago ...nice to meet you!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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