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Hello! I'm a writer (graffiti artist)

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Hello, my name is Dmitri but my parents have always called me Dima. There's alot of Russian Dimas, so I'm Dima276. I live in Miami FL, and I'm a graffiti writer.

I am currently exploring the possibility of selling t-shirts with my graffiti style on them. Can someone let me know if I need a permit to print t-shirts that say Miami on them? Thank you.

Well, I'm basically here to find information which could help me turn a profit out of my talent. ;)
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Hi and nice to meet you Dima, in my own experience, I could be wrong, but you probobly need a city license to sell your shirt, not to write the name miami on it. Names of cities and states are not trademarked. As far as I know you can look up several names and phrases and use those on your shirts, if you make your own design, you can't just make a copy of someone elses original and sell it.Hope this helps...Jemini74
Ah ha! Thanks alot for the info... Yeah i didn't think I would need a permit for the city's name but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you again.
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