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Hello people!! this is my first post on this forum...
I need a little advise from expert people!!
I'm new (not at all, but some kind of rookie) :D
This is my concern!
I have 2 Brother PR655 almost new condition...
I have a costumer who need 6000 Felt Cone Christmas Hats.
The costumer will provide the Felt, so we only will do the embroidery and the stabilizer for the 6000 Cones...
The embroidery design have 7685 stitches and it's take 14 minutes to be done, it use 2 Threads White and Blue...
We project 65 cones by day form here to November 15th... of course if everything goes Okay...

How much do you think this job should cost?
The unit price will be lower due to the quantity of the job?
In prespective... I live in a country where electricity cost it's almost a joke... I mean it's almost free... so my operative cost is really cheap...
How sould I do my maths, in terms of machine depretiation, materials used, manwork time...?

I know... it's not so easy...

Thanks you so much for your valuable advise!

Best regards Erwin
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