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Hello - Hope to learn a lot here.

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Hello, I recently started running an online retail site out of Alberta, Canada. (I have a full time day job to keep me going though). The site caters to the GLBT community. I have had some issues with trying to find a stable promotional item company. While searching, I have discovered that I have an interest in designing and making my own t-shirts, caps, coozies etc.
So now I am here, to learn as much as I can and suss out the equipment, cost, space etc I would require. Any advice (even unsolicited) is appreciated.
My ultimate goal is to run an online retail, make/design my own shirts etc and be able to not be stuck in one place. So I want to be able travel at my leisure and not be tied to my day job. It's sort of like an early retirement. I don't expect to get rich but the flexibility would be nice.

I even signed up with Cafepress recently. But their prices are outrageous. Though, I like the idea of being able to order a small order while testing designs. I haven't seen their quality of their work yet.

The apparel that I have for sale at the moment is not on my website and I only sell it at pride events due to the instability of the promotional item companies that I have been using. I also have been only purchasing stitched items because I am not sure which would go over better with customers.

My website is www.prydefx.com

Thanks, look forward to talking to you all.
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I had to look that up; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered! I think it would be a very interesting market that should be satisfying to design for - particularly if you know it intimately. Good luck.
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