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Hello everyone!

I am new here, figured I would sign up because I have seen a lot of great information here and it's time I join in. I started my online t-shirt business about two months ago. I started it because I was unemployed and had a press laying around. I figured, what the hell, I'll give it a try. So my brother and I joined forces and started Bored in the Basement : Custom t-shirts & apparel . We started small, and are keeping it relatively small for now while I'm still in school. We are based out of Roberts, WI, but do most of our business online. We have a very small shop, less than 600 sf... yeah, it's tight in here. Anyway, if anyone would like to know a little bit more about us, or would like to shed some light on their "opening a business" experience, we are very easy to get along with people and love to talk. Hope to make some friends around here and learn something new each day!


Tom and Ant
BitB Crew
[email protected]
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