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Hello from Urban Dubz T - shirts!!!!!!!!

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Hi to all,

I just thought I'd introduce myself to this forum. My name is Jeremy Sylvester, I've just started up a music related T-shirt company online www.urbandubz.com with my partner and my sister, Lee Sylvester, who is a very talented fashion designer who has been head desinger for Puma, Sergio Techini, and now works for Umbro in the UK

Im new in this industry, as my main business has been in the music industry for over ten years running, and still running a indie dance music label and recording studio's in london UK.

Like i say we're new in this game, so any advice from anyone on here would be greatly appreciated.

Come and check out our T-shirt website. Any comments on the site, we would greatly appreciate, as we'll always be looking to improve it.

Anyway, enough from me, and i hope to talk to you very soon../

All the best

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Hi Jeremy,
Welcome to the Forums. Good luck with your clothing line. I like your Urban Dubz lettering on the T-Shirt I saw it on Lee Sylvester's site and was wondering if you have produced it? Thought it would look good with Urban Dubz Dirty Beats. What garments are you printing on?
Hey Paul,

Nice to meet you.

At the moment, we're doing our Tees, on Gildan 100% cotton, heavy duty shirts, but we are in the process of looking for suitable manufacturers for our entire range. Maybe you or someone on here can point us in the right direction.

We do have "Urban Dubz" tee's shirts in our range.I quite like the idea on "Dirty Beatz" you mentioned too, sounds really cool


Where are you based London or Birmingham?
Office is in London, we ship out from Birmingham
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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