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hello from UK

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Hello from Worcester, UK :)

I did a fair bit of t-shirt printing when I was at college to help generate some beer money and am returning to the fold as I plan to screen print some t-shirts for a group of my mountain biking friends.

Just hope I can still get some sensitiser for a 5l tub of Seriset B that I have in the loft..
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Cheers, and welcome to the forum Mark....watch the drinking and mountain biking as a combo, as my past experience can dictate not necessarily the most exciting duo I've ever paired together
Thanks for the welcome.

Exciting - probably, safe - no ;)

But beer o'clock doesn't strike until the bike is back in the car :D
But one could contend that Guniess is a fair substitute for breakfast....lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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