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Hello from The Under Ground Clown in Coney Island Brooklyn, NY

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How are you. My name is MR.B and I'm coming out of Coney Island, Brooklyn with my partner and myself clothing line The Under Ground Clown. Nice clean pieces for everyone, skaters, boxers, and even clothing for the women. The site is young and we are working to get the name and brand out there. We do charity work and sponsor boxers, mix martial art fighters, and your regular 9-5 people. So please check out the site: The Underground Clown, you might find something for yourself or you might even want to feature us in your shops. Thank you for reading and enjoy. looking to learn a lot form this forum and meet new contacts.
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Absolutely awesome site!
Love the music. :)
The website is really cool. Welcome and Good luck!

thanks everybody. The site looks really helpful. Already working on my look book.
Hello MR.B
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