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hello from the capitol of Texas

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Hello and Greetings to the Tshirts formu community!

My name is Tony and Im located in Austin Texas. I am a graphic designer and screen printer and co-own a small local tshirt printing and clothing company called Fine Southern Gentlemen. We have been printing and selling our products for close to three years now and have just recently taken all our printing in house. Even though we have been official for a while now both my business partner and I haven't had the time, facilities or equipment to really try to have a successful business until now. Please check out our website and our photos of the set up we have right now and feel free to let me know what you think. We are a complete new upstart and have a long way to go with equipment but we're getting by and making the best with what we have.


Thanks and Im happy to be a new member of tshirt forums!
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
Hello from Dallas!
I think you'll love it here! Everyone is very helpful and there's a ton of great info to be found!

You say you're printing in house, are you set up in a shop somewhere, or working from your home?
I have family down in Austin and get down that way occasionally. Might be cool to meetup and talk shop!
Glad to see ya here Tony.

Good luck with your business.
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