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Hello from Sydney, Australia

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Hi there!

Thanks for reading this post.

My name is Syllie and I live in Sydney, Australia. I have always been fascinated with printmaking and with fabric printing in particular.

This year my partner and I finally signed up for a fabric printing course which covers techniques such as screen printing and relief printing. That resulted in a small workshop being setup with a print table and we are basically experimenting with all kind of fabrics, inks and printing techniques - just for fun.

At the moment we mostly use direct stencil methods (hand cut, hand print) but we are rapidly heading toward exposure methods to make our screens. I run a tutorial website which focusses on vector designs (using open source software) and these designs do lend themselves for stencil cutting and fabric printing - but the more experimental designs require a different approach.

I have visited T-Shirt Forums frequently as it contains a wealth of information on DIY projects - and that is also my main area of interest: how to keep screen printing affordable and how to achieve the sought after effects.

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Hey Syllie,
Welcome to TSF, hope you enjoy your stay here
Also join us at Australia and New Zealand - T-Shirt Forums (AU & NZ) community.

Cheers mate
Welcome Syllie to the forums... Good luck with your Shirt business... :)
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