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Hello from Oregon!

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Hello all!

I came across this forum while I was searching for information about getting a new product (currently in the development stages) into Hot Topic stores. Some people here had some great information about that, and I was hoping to ask a little more about that after I introduce myself.

I actually don't have a T-shirt business (although I have designed a few with my husband, for our small time cover band, which was a lot of fun), so I hope its still okay to be here!

And actually the product I'm hoping to get into Hot Topic stores isn't related to my current business either, but I'll let you all know what that is anyway, since this is an "introduce yourself and your business" approved area, if I read correctly.

I sculpt posable action figures to look like you or your friends, or any person I'm given a photo of. Its just a fun little thing I do that I would love to be able to do full time. I also make short stop-motion movies with the action figures I create, so that's a lot of fun too, actually.

If you like you can see examples of my "Little Buddies Action Figures" and movies at http://www.LittleBuddiesActionFigures.com

I look forward to learning and trying to contribute as well as I can!

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Those are cool, Good luck with your business
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Hello from Oregon back!
What part are you located in?
I'm in Albany, which is about 1/2 way between Portland and Eugene. We drive down to Medford at least once a summer to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant. I can't think of the name of it though, LOL!
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