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Hey everyone my name is Joban. Been on the forums couple years and learning. Finally decided to make intro thread lol

Started doing shirts 2 years ago as hobby but got an order for 400 t shirts. So bought a used screen printer. Had some problems as the screen printer i bought used was found out it was ebay crap (Didnt know much when i bought) it would have some registration issues every now and then. But was able to complete the order. Just the equipment is not good quality.

So lost interest and now getting into it again. Have been doing couple small jobs here and there. Now getting a bit serious and trying to get some quality equipment at a small budget. Lol

So looking to get a ryonet 4c 1s press, GCC expert lx, and a Hix heat press. Plan to buy registrations for press later as the budget is tight.

Any recommendations are welcome! Thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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