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Hey Everyone, I am new to the T-Shirt Business and have so many questions...

Im 17yrs old and always have to have a new buisness going if my prior one doesnt turn out so well. I am a pilot and love to fly airplanes and share the joy of flying with everyone. IE.... My Flight Journey

Well I would love to know where to start .. Of course Im on a budget so I want to know what is vital for me to get.

I Want to be able to run a small buisness out of my room for locals to order general custom T's. I know Ill need a heat press and a vinyl cutter. But what else should i try to get one of those printers for sublimation stuff or stick with just regular old vinyl designs for now and build up?


Heat Press?? what kind for a beginner price

Same with viynl cutters

(I have been looking at the USCutter 12" or 24" are those a good brand)


Until Next Time

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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