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Hello from Norway

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Hi everybody. I am new to this. I am searching around the net and forum for clues how to start, but I do not understand everything that is written in english. Is there anybody out there who could help me a little bit to get started in norwegian. :)
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Jeg har venner i Sverige, så vet jeg litt norsk
Hvis du har problemer med oversettelse, jeg bruker Google translate.
Google Translate#
Jeg tror du kan selv sette i en nettadresse, og det vil oversette hele siden.
Lykke til!
I was really wondering in what equipment I need to start up printing t-shirts. I will mainly print text like " made in Norway", but I want space between the letters. I hope someone around Norway could help me where to buy and what to buy. I have looked at many sites from the US but the freight cost more than the equipment itself.

I also want to print other things on the t-shirts, but mainly text.
Stahl's has a European site Stahls Shop
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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