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Hi my name is Anna I am from the Sacramento Valley.:p We have been in the works of starting a small t-shirt business. Right now my boyfriend is starting MMA (mixed martial fights/cage fighting). I have had a dream for years of creating and designing t-shirts. My styles are much like that you see in the fight gear and also in traditional tattoo design. Problem is I don't have a press yet...but we have a few buddies and hook-ups who do. Right now I want to get my ideas on paper and start creating what I think is cool, and hopefully other people will like them too. We are also a very sports involved family. Chris and I both play softball...as well as our kids. I would love to incorporate that as well. I guess I would just like to get a many scattered ideas into an organized opportunity and set my goals into motion. I hope to learn something here ;) Thanks ALOT!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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