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Hello from N.Ireland

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Hi, Im from Northern Ireland and have been dabbling with the idea of printing tshirts and hoodies etc. With the recession hitting the construction industry very hard here Im looking at ways of a bit of extra income and if it works then Id go for it fulltime, but thats wishful thinking!

My idea is in its infancy but i do have a website domain setup. I have also arranged a meeting with a large printing company next week who I am trying to set up a deal to do the printing if I supply them with teh Tshirts.

I will looking plenty of advice which hopefully others will oblige in the other forums, but I look forwrad to chatting.
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nice to have you here. Many fellows of you from N.Ireland, Ireland too, you can talk with some of them if you need some advice from local. Best of luck with your start-off business.

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