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Hello everyone, my name is Lisa McLaren and my husband Mike (Von Darque) and myself are just getting started with our side business of silk screening and heat pressing t-shirts, tote bags, and anything else that can be printed on fabric-wise. We have got all the legalities done, the accounts set up with vendors and are getting our first sales calls!!

This forum is invaluable in finding out everything from what temperature to set Permaset Aqua inks, why our transfers are sticking, and a multitude of other issues that are cropping up :)

Thanks for being there as we are starting up, and hopefully we will be in a position soon to be able to start giving advice to other newbies that are coming onboard.

We are doing a combination of custom designs and customer-driven work. Our website will be up soon, then we will have a full online presence to work with.

Come and visit us soon at www.zapscreenprinting.ca or www.darqueimages.ca
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