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Hello Everyone I am new here. Just dropping in to introduce myself. I go by grimshawl online and have for alot of years. my name is Marty Myers and I run a website called Lost and Found Ohio.

Thats where I share my pictures and experiences being a cemetery photographer, urban explorer and paranormal investigator. I have been interested in the paranormal for many years and have actively been an investigator for the last 7 or 8 years.

anyway, I kinda got pulled into making t-shirt designs by my partner in Lost and Found Ohio who does the website and tech stuff who opened up a t-shirt business and wanted some unique art and designs for it. He was running a business called bargain basement Ts at the time and opened a little side webstore called ParaTees where he used my designs and some clipart and other stuff for the shirts. the idea was to sell spooky stuff, halloween art, cemetery and haunted house themes and gear for paranormal teams including designing their paranormal uniforms. Well his efforts in this direction came to an end soon when it didnt meet expectations and since I had allready been working on designs and turning my mind to this project I decided not to waste it.

Long story short I looked around and since I didnt have any machinery or even the desire to buy a whole print shop but did have the artisitic talent and artwork I went with opening a zazzle store to get my designs out there. Its called Spooky Things www.zazzle.com/spookythings and has been up since last November, so far I have been having pretty mixed results ho hum sales so I have come on here to see if I can learn anything from the community and improve myself, my designs and especially my promoting and advertising efforts.

so in conclusion Hiya, hope to meet some interesting forum goers and have a good experience here.
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