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Hello, everyone.

We're a promotional products distributor, focusing on apparel printing and embroidery.

Short form: We print T-shirts <G>

We're located in beautiful Colorado, about 20 miles north of Denver. Although we focus on local business, we service a nation-wide customer base, with clients from Hawaii to Florida.

We're a family-run business -- everyone participates except the family guinea pig. It's a real thrill to see my high-school aged kids really get into designing and printing shirts. Now if I could only get them to do my books for me...

To date, we only do screen printing; we contract out the embroidery jobs. Over the last year or so, we've worked our way up the food chain from single color shirts to indexed 'half-tone' 5 color jobs. We've played a little bit with specialty inks (like 'puff' ink) and foils, but haven't done any customer work with it yet.

We're looking to move into direct-to-garment printing very, very soon.

I'm looking forward to many online discussions with members of this forum.


Steve Bigelow
TKCSB Images
Longmont, CO
[email protected]
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