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Hello From London

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Hi everybody,
I started a new garment decoration business online about 8 months ago and still learning. I have my workshop set up with a epson printer (to use it for sublimation printing and for heat transfer printing), a graphtec vinyl cutter for cutting the transfer images and vinyl) and a heat press to decorate the garments. I would like to learn more about how to establish my business online and also thinking about going to a shop premises. Hoping to get all the help and advise from experienced members here.
Thanks for reading
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Hi Craig,

Thanks for a warm welcome :)

Yes off course, have printed a few personalized t-shirts and mostly hoodies.
Great, do you have a website I can view them on, or you can email me some at sales[USER=4426]@blox[/USER]xclothing.com ?

Interested to see your work. :)
Hi Craig,

Thanks for your interest. I will be honest and will say actually I am not a great Artist or a t-shirt designer but have a good knowledge of using computer and software and basically am a more technical and practical oriented with a huge ability to learn new things very quickly. I was selling my normal services for personalized tops on ebay and have printed a few customer designs with photos, graphics and text using transfer paper and vinyl. Unfortunately I made a mistake of relying totally on just ebay and haven't really thought about a own web site for printing business. Now I am trying to find out how to start with a own web site and was thinking to post on the forum to get advise about all the things you need to establish a printing business like t-shirt designs, marketing etc. Any kind of help will be very helpful.

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