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Hi, I'm Rick, a newbie to the wonderful world of T-Shirt design, printing & sales...and to forums as well. My company is Deadbeat Duds found @ deadbeatduds.com. The website is still a work in very slow progress.
I've been designing shirts and clothing in general on paper for years but never tried to actually produce anything other than the occasional shirt for my own personal use. I found this forum many moons ago and have read many of the posts, learning and getting the nerve to move forward. You see so many ads/commercials/banners/youtube videos, etc. out there claiming how easy and lucrative it is to start a million dollar T-shirt company (IF you buy whatever program/app they're selling). Now almost a year later I am just now pulling the trigger due to info overload.
But here I am and excited to get into it all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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