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Hello from Key Largo, Florida

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My wife and I are photographers and graphic artists. We own a very busy sign shop that has been in south Florida for nearly 29 years.

Over the years we learned to stop sending our customers to other businesses when they needed stuff we didn’t supply. So now we are a one-stop service for our customers. We provide everything from business cards, stationary, boat names, graphic designs, logos, and pulling permits for commercial signage to T-shirts and much more. We love our work.....when we are not loathing it.

All this time we've been sending out our T-shirt orders, but my wife and I are contemplating buying an MP5 or MP10 DTG printer. It also comes with an interactive web site. We are nearing retirement age and thinking this is something we can do from home.

How do we determine if the cost of the printer, overhead to run and maintain it are a good investment? Do you have any advice?
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