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Hello From Florida

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Hello everyone,I'm new to the screen printing world. I've had an Itch to start making my own shirts and designs for a long time.I once worked at a Surf shop that did a lot of screen printing. I'm not looking to make a ton of money just maybe a little extra income on the side. I recently bought a Silver 4-1 press and a 16x16 Flash dryer along with a few other goodies the press was only a few months old when I got it. I also just bought a Epson 7510 printer last week and haven't even taken it out of the box yet,I'm gathering everything I need up before I start printing. I'm very impressed with the info I've learned and have been reading about on this site,there seems to be a lot of veterans and Professionals that help give the info that beginners like myself need and I would like to thank everyone for this valuable info.
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Welcome from the Daytona Beach area
Congrats Have fun with your adventure
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