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Hello, everyone, from Doggonit!
I am in the early phases of starting a [really fabulous] line of t-shirts that will feature my designs. I know, there are a lot of the same out there! But these are different.

I have a partner who has been in the t-shirt printing business for over a decade and wants to do the marketing.

I would like to find someone with experience in marketing t-shirts to either hire or exchange knowledge with.

And basically, I am new to this world and want to get up to speed. I suspect there are a lot of soulmates in this forum.


ps my brother wants to know 'does anyone wear t-shirts anymore?' -- a question he posed to me, who wears virtually nothing but jeans & t-shirts. Am I out of the loop on this or is he?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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