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Hello from DFW

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Hello All,

My name is Stephen and I'm posting on behalf of myself and my wife, Paulina. For years I have been the one with all the hobbies while my wife has struggled to find a hobby that she is passionate about. She picks up a new hobby then gets bored quickly... but I support her in everything she does. A year or so ago, she bought a Cameo Silhouette and has been using it like crazy! She likes making onesies and shirts for family and friends using vinyl and an iron. She puts vinyl on coffee mugs. She also likes making wood signs using the vinyl as a stencil.

She wants a heat press since doing things with an iron is time consuming and inconsistent. She also wants to try dye sublimation for mugs.

I've been reading posts on this forum to learn about heat presses, mug presses and printers and decided to join.

Thanks to all who contribute to this forum...

~Stephen & Paulina
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Hi Guys. Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you with us and happy holidays.
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thanks bud, happy holidays to you as well!
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