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Hello from Brazil!

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Hey guys! Currently studying in Medical School, but always had a contact and interest in art, design, programming, marketing, etc.

Ended up making the slogan of my class and all my colleagues asked for a t-shirt. After that, the entire medical school ended up asking for it too. Now I want to sell to whole university! haha

I've done the website, registered the domain, hired hosting, all set to sell. But when I went to work in t-shirts... God, it's so hard doing an art to silk screen (chose only to work with it due to quality)! I felt very limited. Im here hoping to get some knowledge about preparing art for printing: techniques that I can use to create effects that are not allowed with vectors, tips, and everything else.

Thats it! Thank you guys!

I also would like to thank AYoung90 for that post:

Buy and download the book/Ebook - Thread's not dead - Jeff Finley. This should give you a bit of an idea of what an apparel line insists of.

There is also Adam Hendle. Search YouTube for IAMTHETREND.
I Am The Trend is basically a blog Adam uploads when he receives new products, rating them with a simple grading system and talks about the pros and cons of the 4 P's of Tee's, Packaging, Pricing, Printing and Presentation. He does sometimes also go in to a little more detail looking at customer base and how they build that relationship with the customers etc.

And along the line with YouTube, Search for ;
Johnny Cupcakes - Inspirational, nuff said !
Bobby Hundreds - Talks about a few need to know basics...
Illustrator Logos - Thousands of tutorials for you to try out.
Illustrator Basics - Learn some tips and tricks

Hope this was a little more help towards your project. Good luck and all the best...
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