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Want to hear some irony? I've never been much for asking for help until I recently realized that when I needed help with particular graphic related issues, I would end up in forums such as this.....looking for help. So let me thank you guys first of all for your valuable information and help in the past, and hopefully I will be able to pay-it-forward here at T-Shirt Forum.com.

My fiancee and I do basic sign jobs along with banners magnetic sign, window graphics, etc. We figured out about a year ago that we were watching money figuratively walk out of the door because we weren't equipped to do t-shirts. Even though I had a quaint arrangement with another sign business where I designed or edited artwork for all of their t-shirts and they would in return give me special rates on printing shirts for me. We decided to start buying our own equipment for obvious reason.

Of course that lead to more questions and ultimately you guy answered just about all of them. I'm looking forward to my new forum life here and I'm sure, with my experience, I can contribute a little bit.

Here's to hanging out with the creative people

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