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HI Guys n' Gals,

I'm a sign maker from Aberdeen. I've used vinyl plotters for years, but never for garments. Now it's coming into summer i'm gong to be producing some t-****s for friends and relatives and see if it can bring in a little extra income.

At work i use a Mutoh sc1000 and a Uniform grenadier 64" print and cut solvent printer. Check out our website at Jamjar Creatives | 72 Hutcheon Street | Aberdeen | AB25 3TB | Tel : 01224 649741 | Home

The only thing i need now to get going is a decent Heat Press. Looked at cheepish ones online £200 - £300. Just a little worried after reading some of the posts on here about uneven heating etc.

Look forward to meating some of you soon.

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