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Hello from a Crafty Granny

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Hello all,
I am a great grandma from East Tennessee and have been thown kicking and screaming into t-shirt pinting. I am glad I found this site before I made mistakes in purchasing products I can't use. I love making bottoms like pants, shorts and skirts for my grandchildren and a online craft site I sell on. Now we are wanting professional looking tops that match the sweet childrens prints we use. Not the the ones I make using imprint material I find at the office supply store.
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Welcome to the forums!
Thank you, In the past I always made mixed media and graphics design shirts for my grandchildren and great granchildren with iron on decals material from the office supply I wanted that matched the bottoms I was making for them. That was fine for our little ones and held up well. Recently I began selling the bottoms on a large crafting website and doing very well. But, after showing the bottoms with one our tops everyone is wanting the shirts also. The ones I make now are very cute but not good enough for sale for the public. So it looks like I may be making shirts. Thank you fo the information, I love designing the graphics but I don't want a huge process, I just want a print and press that looks professional. I will check out the supplies you sent and hope I am one step closer getting this new art figured out.
If you are doing decorations on garments for age 12 and under, you might want to read this. Or do a search for CPSIA rules. I stopped targeting that age group almost 2 years ago.

CPSIA Solutions in Digital Direct Tech | Printwear

I should add this applies only to USA
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