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Hi there,

I am Annie and I have been making designs for a coupe of years. They aren't great but I like to print them onto my own shirts for fun. I use cheap and rubbish transfer paper from the supermarkets to keep my cost down :p

Anyway, after recently wearing one of my new designs I was stopped by three random people and asked where it was from.

I am a member of a pet forum, and posted a picture there, and I had a little bit of interest.

I am here for some advice about maybe making some (not many at all, probably wont sell more than 20!) quality ones. What transfer iron on paper can you reccomend, that don't peel after 3 washes, and where can i buy resonably priced vest tops/hoodies/tees?

Any advice is appriciated! as i say, i'm not looking to make money or sell thousands. I would be made up to shift 20 :) just a hobby really. :)

anyway, about me. I am 16 years old,live in UK and my name is Annie. Yaffy is the name I always planned to call my clothing range! we can all dream, eh?

The design in question is realted to the Dangerous Dogs Act, and against Breed Specific legislation, but to non doggi people, just looks like the large print designs which are in fashion at the minute!

Right, thats enough babbling! I look forward to hearing from you :)
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