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Hello friends ! I'm on the first line also here with you

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Hello everyone,

First off all, I appreciate you all for the guts you have to start this kind of business, risk takers really lives their lives so I salute you.
I'm Adrian, from Romania and I also wanna get in the business like you...
I want to create patterns and to take photos to awesome things and moments from my country and print them on the fabric, than design t-shirts and blouses from it. (also bustiers and shoes, but for now I will remain at t-shirts and blouses)
And I have this question:
Since I wanna make them top quality (organic cotton), which type of printing do you recommend ?
I was thinking at a DTG one, since it prints on cotton, but I did saw that dye sublimation does the job really well also (and the costs are smaller I think), I prefer DTG but, will it be profitable ? I would also want to make the designs unique for each shirt...
What do you think I should do ?

Thanks a lot and I'm really happy to be here,
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We don't have a DTG ourselves but from what I have heard you need to do a lot of printing with it to keep avoid clogging issues. With dye sublimation you won't be able to do dark garments.
Thanks for reply John.
With DTG my fears are that my cost per tee will be like 2-3$, which I consider to be pretty expensive...I also need to know what are the maximum distances that it can print to ? (more precisely, if I will have a 1m to 1m fabric, will it print it full ? )

And with sublimation, if it prints ONLY on synthetic, I wont be able to hit TOP QUALITY that I want to offer....
Well if u want to print 1 meter by 1 meter you are looking at dye sublimation, which will only print on white roll material. You will design and print 100 percent of shirt shape and design then cut and sew. The material will be 100% polyester. The printer is fairly cheap the heat press or drum heater required to gas out the dye sub inks is expensive. Say 5-6 thousand USD then 12-15 thousand for heater. Nope will not do cotton.
I am not aware of any affordable dtg solution for this, some will print .45 meter by 1.3 meters. There maybe an option with the something like an Aeoon. But that's around 200 thousand USD.

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These arebad news spider.
Organic cotton is the rule.

Here in Romania it is just one single supplier who have DTG machines, and he have DTG M4, DTG M2 and a DTG Viper. I will go to see them, he told me that i can print on 60cm to 100cm with DTG M4, and it costs 14000€, which would be ok, i guess, but only if I could print it on organic cotton for tees and blouses...

Do you think is it possible ? Thurstday I will meet them
I don't have experience with DTG yet and couldn't offer any information on the print area but DTG will get your print on cotton.
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