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Welcome on board,
When it comes to getting traffic to a site, online that's even harder than in a physical store sometimes. Just having a site up doesn't mean people will find you. You have to market to get in front of them. There are a few questions you need to ask:

1 - WHO is your target market? Be they music fans of a certain genre, athletes of a particular sport, members of a specific sub-culture or followers of a political group - it is very important to understand exactly who you are trying to sell to. All too often people say "to everyone" but that really translates as "to noone".

2 - WHAT are you doing to make sure your product matches the tastes or sensibilities of this particular target customer and how does your product stand out?

3 - WHERE are they? i.e. what kinds of sites or forums do these people frequent? If you are making a "Mormons for Sarah Palin" tshirt, the people who might buy that would not likely be on the "Agnostic supporters of Obama Blog" - you have to find where the type of people you are marketing to hang out on line and direct your maketing efforts in those places.

4 - HOW do you reach them? Once you find the places, you need strategies to reach them and how you can do that without breaking the bank - like maybe you find a blog for fanatic Mormon Sarah Palin supporters that gets 5,000 hits a day or some other such site (if not you might have the wrong product ... back to question #1, that's why they're in this order) ... you email the blog admin and he tells you he'll give you a big banner for $25 a month (don't laugh, I've gotten such deals) ... bingo! now you can start bringing in orders.
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