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Hello form Andrew

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Hello! I am looking for expert advice on how the t-shirt business works and what are the best methods to use when printing shirts. I am more on the design side of things but will most likely be getting deeper into the t-shirt printing business in the years to come.

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Hi, Andrew,

It's important to get as much information/experience as you can, early on, from a good, reliable screen printer. I've worked for and with several small and large shops and have learned much over the past 30 years. Talk with the guys who actually print the shirts, they'll have tips for you on how to design the art so it'll be easier to print, their size restrictions, etc. Using lots of colors of ink are great, but you are driving up the cost of printing. Remember, the end user will only pay so much for a screen printed shirt, combine shirt color and inks to compliment each other, to save screens and additional inks. I've never been that into the actual printing of shirts, preferring the creative and sales/marketing part of this business. But you'll need an ongoing, good working realationship with a variety of support people to be successful. Niche marketing is a smart way to go as well. Beware of trying to be the lowest cost person around, it's a fast race to the bottom. Develop a unique speciality, something that really makes you stand out from the pack. Early on I chose selling from a design standpoint, getting a distinct "look" to my work, not just a "me-too" image. Unfortunately with the widespread availablity of software these days,it seems like everybody is now selling themselves as experienced designers... Best of luck to you, John
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