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hello fellow screen printers

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hi, the names zachary. twenty four years old, screen printer of about 3 years experience. graphic design student at ole miss university. plan on opening my own shop sometime in the next couple of years, and possibly branding my own clothing line someday. looking for answers the other day to a question about screen printing i had no luck, but was very relieved to stumble upon this forum today. its nice to know theres a community of like minded entrepreneurs and printers to share and communicate with. we all have the common bond don't we, the same headaches everyday. my definition of knowing when you've been screen printing long enough is when you reach for a can of screen opener to spray on your hand to clean off some ink and realize you've just covered your hand with spray adhesive, haha! but seriously, god bless you that have air conditioning in your shops!

i almost forgot, my biggest inspiration and influences in this industry are companies like, marc ecko (he's my number one, i really love the fact that they can offer such a great value, as far as quality of art, quality of print, and quality of shirt material, all at an affordable price. his tshirts are what i aspire to create something of an equal caliber too/of whatever, you understand.) nike, dgk, o neill, quick silver, volcom. most brands you find in pac sun, etc. I LOVE COOL GRAPHIC T'S that are bold fresh and inventively stylish! something to wear to the CLUB! something TIGHT! something people envy/desire ask you where you got it

can't forget LRG either, the lifted research group, they're doing some big things, and i believe it all stemmed from their fresh t shirts in the beginning
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