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Hello Fellow Printers!

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Hi guys,

Although I've been reading at this forum for a long time but recently did I decide to join and start.

About 4 months ago I purchased my first DTG printer, DTG Digital Viper, and have been experimenting with it since and I must say that I am very happy with my brand decision. Jerry from Impression Technology is a great guy and has been very supportive throughout.

The quality of white & light garment printing is just amazing and I have been shocking people with it in our Pakistani market. By the way, it is the very first DTG brand printer in Pakistan that I have. Printing on dark & black garments has been equally fun BUT due to higher per print cost I have not been able to sell much. The scope of my work is providing printing services to the local brands and export buying houses supplying to well known international brands.

In order to be able to print on dark garment while keeping the print cost low I thought of trying out Discharge printing. So, instead of white ink I started using digital discharge liquid. To my surprise, the discharger worked well and colors came out pretty acceptable BUT the edges of the discharged layer came out smeared. I am still trying to perfect it........have even tried pretreatment but nothing seems to work. I believe the smear could be due to the low viscosity of the liquid as compared to the pigment ink.

Anyway, that is what's going on with me for now. I am printing white & light garments day and night and am happy with the amount of business I am getting......which could be increased 3-4 times if I can perfect the dark garment discharge printing.
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