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My name is Shirli and while i'm not new to the t-shirt game (I design shirts for my line) I have been considering printing my own shirts as opposed to going to a printer (in the last year I have lost 3 screen printers, one had a fire, the other 2 went out of business and 1 dtg printer- his machine broke and he hasnt' repaired it). I wanted to start out with heat transfers but it almost seems that the more research I do the more options crop up and now I'm stuck. I started looking at the Oki machines (way over budget but the reviews are fantastic) but then started looking at some of the options mentioned on various threads on this forum like the Epson c88, 1430 or wf-7110. It would be great not to blow my budget on a printer but I also realize that the savings going forward would balance everything out. Hopefully I can get some great suggestions here.

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