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:eek: Hi there !
My name is Melissa ,I'm from California .
I am mom of 2 awesome little girls .

And I am trying to start my own screen printing business, well with my own designs . I recently went out and spent $35 to have a shirt made that I designed on my computer for a friend ,that friend took a picture of it and text messaged it to all her friends and turned out that 6 girls ask her " can she make me one " .. I always thought screen printing would be fun ,so I started talking to allot of people about my designs and I got allot of people interested .. So from there I decided this is something I really need to do!!!
I am very new so far all I've done is researched online how to do it ,prices of ink & supplies and shirts ..
If you have any advice for me ,I'd be glad to take it .

Nice to meet anyone who's reading this
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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